The Unprecedented Cinema

International Festival of Short Film

About festival

of the 13- th international short film festival
" The Unprecedented Cinema "

The festival is being conducted since the year 2001, and its task is to show as widely as possible, the condition of the contemporary audiovisual creations of young authors.
Films from 20 countries were exhibited during the previous festivals.

  • The festival is held on the 6 - 9 of June 2013, in Maardu (15 km from Tallinn) and in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Organizers: Studio Meksvideo
  • The noncommercial films of all genres may take place, if they didn't take place in the previous festivals "The Unprecedented Cinema"
  • The length of the films is not more than 30 minutes in the formats miniDV, DVD (Pal,mpeg2,mpeg4), DV.avi
  • The best films of the festival will be awarded
  • The applications and films for the festival are accepted until the 10th of May, 2013
  • The outlays for transportation and staying are covered by the participants
  • The competition is divided into different age categories: authors under the age of 14, authors under the age of 19, and authors under the age of 26
  • The works of the cinema – institute students and the works of professional authors are judged separately

Nominations of the 13th. festival" The Unprecedented Cinema "

The basic prizes.

  • Gold framе
  • Silver frame
  • Bronze frame

Special prizes.

  • The best film of the author till 14 years
  • The best film of the author till 19 years
  • The best film of the author till 26 years
  • The best student's film
  • The best animation
  • The best children animation
  • The best cameraman
  • The best director
  • The best sound decision
  • The best of 1-minute film
  • The best amateur film
  • The best video-art